Enterprise Process Automation in Minutes !

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On the field, in the office, at the warehouse, in transit™


ConnixtApps make integrating your suppliers, contractors and field workers into your enterprise as easy as downloading an app.

Connixt’s robust architecture and seamless integration to your ERP and CMMS system(s) ensure that there is no faster or more secure way to integrate all the moving parts including even temp workers and contractors.

There is a pre-built ConnixtApp for you !


for Field Inspection & Asset Maintenance, Service Requests,
Work Orders, Time Sheets and more


for Supply Chain Management - Procure-to-Pay, Inventory Management



Rapid Deployment, Instant Onboarding

Simple Two Step Process – integrated with your ERP / EAM system(s); on premise or in the cloud:

Configuration, deployment & integration

Configuration, deployment and integration of Connixt Mobile Extension Framework (MXF™) with your back-end systems (or use without your back-end systems, in which case, skip this step).

NO added infrastructure…NO changes to your ERP / EAM…NO third party storage

Fire Up the App !

Your suppliers, customers, 3PLs, employees, contractors download the relevant ConnixtApp™ to their mobile devices (or laptops)……fire up the app…and are ready to go!

Every target user on-boards instantly; and the app they download is configured by role and geography.